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6 Lessons Procurement can Learn from Startups

February 14, 2018 by Hillary Ohlmann

Uber. Airbnb. Spotify. These are only three startups that have become household names in the past few years. And who builds startups?

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A Goal Focus: Graduating from Resources to Results

October 11, 2016 by Guest Contributor

DeltaBid welcomes this guest post from Jack Quarles, an expense management specialist. The second in a four-part series, this article discusses how procurement professionals can become trusted advisors in their organizations.

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Procurement’s Epic Fail – and Golden Opportunity

October 04, 2016 by Guest Contributor

DeltaBid welcomes this post from expense management professional Jack Quarles. In this article, the first in a four-part series, he says Procurement has failed to create an identity which promotes its true value to the organization.

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How Do You Recognize a Good Procurement Deal?

August 16, 2016 by Guest Contributor

DeltaBid welcomes this guest post from KP Singh, a procurement manager at Myer with experience in a variety of indirect categories. As a procurement professional, you know when to be happy with the deal you've closed, and in this article, KP shows us how to explain a "good" procurement deal to...

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7 Signs of a Great Procurement Department

August 02, 2016 by Hillary Ohlmann

Regardless of whether your company is just starting out or has been around for awhile, your goal for procurement should be the same: maturity.

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The Shift from Savings-Driven to Value-Driven Procurement

June 28, 2016 by Guest Contributor
DeltaBid welcomes this guest blog post on achieving procurement value by Ali Sadeddin. He discusses why the function must shift away from being driven by savings and work to add value through improved supplier relationships.


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What if Savings Didn't Matter in Procurement?

May 24, 2016 by Guest Contributor

Observations from Singapore on Procurement Value

DeltaBid welcomes this guest blog post from Madeleine Tewes, a project manager at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. Based on her experience working with procurement professionals in Singapore, she looks at ways Procurement can provide...

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Secrets of Best-in-Class Procurement Structures

March 01, 2016 by Guest Contributor

DeltaBid welcomes this guest blog post from Nis-Peter Iwersen, global procurement consultant and interim manager. In it, he describes the major challenges faced by procurement functions worldwide and why a center-led procurement structure can be beneficial to the organization.

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5 Consequences of Not Adhering to the Procurement Management Plan

February 18, 2016 by Andres Kuuse

A procurement management plan, or a procurement policy, guides your purchasing team’s actions and decisions, while communicating intent and process to stakeholders. It’s the framework which dictates how the procurement team operates. Many organizations establish a procurement policy as a...

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6 Ways Improving Your Procurement Process Adds Organizational Value

February 08, 2016 by Andres Kuuse

As a process that touches every organizational department and directly impacts revenue, the role procurement plays in an organization is crucial. That’s why it’s important to keep the procurement process running smoothly by regularly reviewing what’s working well and what may need some...

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