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Putting Together a Team: 5 Steps for New Procurement Managers

September 13, 2016 by Jeremy Kirsten

In a previous post I laid out a checklist to follow for procurement managers beginning a new position. Point #6 in particular mentioned the importance of getting your whole team onto the same page right from the outset.

There's another dimension to this objective. Imagine you are a procurement...

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A Checklist for New Procurement Managers

September 06, 2016 by Jeremy Kirsten

I put together this checklist for procurement managers starting a new position based on some pointers I shared with a LinkedIn colleague.

As a procurement professional, there are a few fundamentals that I endeavor to stick to from the beginning of any job.

Here are my 8 tips to help get you...

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A Successful Start to the RFP Process

August 30, 2016 by Guest Contributor

DeltaBid welcomes this guest post from purchasing professional André Kleinhenz. His research with European and American companies has shown that the most successful RFPs are for highly customized goods or services. Read on to find out why.

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How Do You Recognize a Good Procurement Deal?

August 16, 2016 by Guest Contributor

DeltaBid welcomes this guest post from KP Singh, a procurement manager at Myer with experience in a variety of indirect categories. As a procurement professional, you know when to be happy with the deal you've closed, and in this article, KP shows us how to explain a "good" procurement deal to...

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Supply Chain Failure and Success: A Tale of Burritos and Ice Cream

August 10, 2016 by Hillary Ohlmann

Burritos and ice cream. Who doesn’t love them? Carne asada and guacamole. Chocolate and cherries. The combinations are endless, and so are the places that offer these tasty treats. So what can a burrito chain or an ice cream brand do to stand out from the crowd?

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7 Signs of a Great Procurement Department

August 02, 2016 by Hillary Ohlmann

Regardless of whether your company is just starting out or has been around for awhile, your goal for procurement should be the same: maturity.

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The Lowdown on Legacy Systems and Disparate Procurement Solutions

July 26, 2016 by Hillary Ohlmann

Procurement teams can fall into a trap of using disparate and decentralized systems to manage their procurement processes. This can happen for a number of reasons, including complex and cumbersome legacy procurement systems, software feature fatigue, budget limitations, and a reliance on...

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Know Your Supplier: Tips for Building a Risk-Resistant Supply Chain

July 19, 2016 by Guest Contributor

DeltaBid welcomes this guest post from Tony Noe, an experienced procurement/supply chain professional. He describes the first step to building a strong supply chain: selecting the right supplier.

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Impress Vendors and Build Relationships by Improving Your RFP Process

July 12, 2016 by Hillary Ohlmann

As an e-procurement provider, we here at DeltaBid are in the unique position of both helping procurement professionals improve their RFP process while also receiving RFPs from prospective customers. As such, we’ve seen RFPs of all types — the good, the bad and the ugly.

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The Shift from Savings-Driven to Value-Driven Procurement

June 28, 2016 by Guest Contributor
DeltaBid welcomes this guest blog post on achieving procurement value by Ali Sadeddin. He discusses why the function must shift away from being driven by savings and work to add value through improved supplier relationships.


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