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A fresh look for the RFP dashboard

February 02, 2017 by Rain Öpik

RFP captured savingsWe're excited to launch a visual overhaul to DeltaBid request dashboard.

A new look and layout to better support your various screens, easily find your requests with the new filter tool and visualize your savings or supplier engagement with Analytics Charts.



Key highlights

A modern look

While we've been working with SRM and Requisitioning modules, we always felt that the RFQ module should get more attention. Indeed, a request dashboard, the first thing that you notice after logging in, has not received updates lately and was in a dire need of love.


The first results are here - request dashboard has a new look, uniform with the SRM. It's not just visuals, we've also made the browsing more responsive, added key indicators about the event etc. 

Little things, I know. But they add up to a better user experience.

Requests -0- general.png



Keeping track of RFPs can be a challenge if you have a large team, many projects or run lot of events. Finding a request is now easier - filters let you quickly locate all your own requests or browse RFPs of your colleagues.

Requests -2- filter.png



Sharing RFPs with your colleagues is more straightforward. In addition to choosing individual users, a folder can now be shared with the entire group. Especially useful for fast-paced teams with lots of stakeholders.

Requests -3- share.png


Analytics charts

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a good chart can be worth more than thousand bucks. We have upgraded the Analytics module with live charts that summarize your daily RFP data. 

A comparison chart lets you see how two indicators have been performing in the past.

Requests -4- Analytics Compare.png


A breakdown chart lets you dig into a metric and see how it is built up.

Requests -5- Analytics Breakdown.png


We hope that you like the improvements. If you have questions or want to give feedback, don't hesitate to get back to us by team@deltabid.com 


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Rain Öpik

Written by Rain Öpik

Rain is a CTO and co-founder of DeltaBid. Curious at heart; passionate by nature; about nature, science and technology, good design and well-crafted things.


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