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Update: Stay organized by working with customized Excel lists

April 07, 2014 by Andres Kuuse

List of Items Updated

Recently we updated DeltaBid's list of items feature. Now you can include additional columns for each list item, which allows for more detailed proposals. This update will help you stay organized by letting you request the information you need from your suppliers.

Before, the DeltaBid procurement management software only allowed space for the quantity and price of each list item. Now you can add as many columns to the list as you'd like. You can also upload customized Excel files from your computer, saving you from having to enter all the details manually.

How does this update help me?

This update is useful if you are requesting information besides quantity and price. For example, you might want to ask for information like due dates, price breakdowns, explanations, or sources.
The new update also makes it easier to work with Excel files. With a few clicks in DeltaBid, you can upload a list that you've created or received from your colleagues.

Won't this make creating a list in DeltaBid more complex?

Not at all! The standard list of items is still there. The only difference is that now it has an extra button labelled "Edit columns". If you don't need to add extra columns to your list, just keep working with the standard template.

Create List of Items

By clicking "Edit columns," you can prepare a customized list of items online. However, if you're planning to procure more than twenty items, it might be easier to prepare the list in Excel and then upload it as shown below.

How to upload a customized list of items from your computer to DeltaBid

In the sample list of items below, the suppliers are expected to fill in five columns of information:

  • Lead time (Date)
  • Guarantee (Yes/No)
  • Minimal order (Number)
  • Total cost (Monetary value)

Your list of items might have more columns to request additional details like comments, numbers, etc. We'll stick to just four columns in this example for the sake of simplicity.

Items in Excel

To upload the list from your computer, locate the file and drag it to the “Drop your list of items” box. Alternatively, you can click the “Upload list of items” button to browse for the file.

Upload list of items

The data is immediately imported into DeltaBid. The next step requires you to decide what type of information you are expecting from your supplier.
In the image below, the buyer decides to ask the supplier to answer a Yes/No question, which determines if the specific item is provided with a guarantee or not.

Define columns for imported list
After uploading the list of items, the request is ready to be sent to your suppliers.

Once the proposals have been submitted, the buyer receives them in the following format:

All the bids are there and ready to be evaluated. Luckily, you don't have to spend your time copying and pasting the bids one-by-one into a spreadsheet. Just click "Download to Excel," and the file downloads to your computer.

Compare bids with custom columns
To see how this works up close and personal, log in to your account and play around with the DeltaBid platform. You can also contact us at support@deltabid.com to schedule a web demo.

Team DeltaBid is dedicated to helping you keep your procurement process organized. We want to help you save time on sourcing so you have more time to evaluate the proposals and make those tough decisions. And if you have more time for another coffee, we'll know we've done our job!

Andres Kuuse

Written by Andres Kuuse

I am a co-founder and the Customer Support representative at DeltaBid. I’m passionate about creating an easy to use tool that helps procurement and e-sourcing people do their job better. Just as SalesForce revolutionized sales development, we will revolutionize procurement.


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