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Jeremy Kirsten MCIPS talks abut: "Failings of E Procurement Systems" Part 2.

August 28, 2014 by Jeremy Kirsten

Failings of e procurement

Before this one gets long and drawn out I will set out what I believe would be helpful;

a. It would be helpful to have a clear scope of requirement and go to market with this

As mentioned already, not doing this prevents the respondents of getting a clear picture of what package they could supply and no surprises on this one.


A clearly defined scope would help to prevent cost over runs for unforeseen. “Sorry that was not included in the scope so we do not mention that in our RFP response”. Happy to discuss this further with anyone privately.

b. E Sourcing – in my opinion needs to be a part of a business wide strategy – something like ERP.

My view is that ERP is a concept – yes we do get ERP providers but their products are enablers and not ERP in and of it. It is in my view a business strategy that is applied holistically – once again; glad to discuss this further in private.

c. Align business and system processes

Aligning business and system processes is one factor which is critical to a successful implementation and uptake and it is ignored at a cost. Anyone ever seen systems bastardised in a business because there is not business resource to take on system management requirements…licenses to expensive is another I have encountered.
d. Preparation, preparation, preparation – E – Sourcing is I believe a part of a wider business strategy and requires some serious change management – another area ignored. Share the strategy and yes – mission/ vision with all business stakeholders.

e. I am weary of bolt on’s

For one main reason; a bolt on or a standalone system distinct from an ERP system is fraught with risk that is not necessary. Yes interfaces can and do work but from time to times there is issues with codes etc. and yes if it is not properly rolled out in the business, a lot of wasted time and cost can be incurred and prevented had serious thought been put into the system cost of implementation and roll out.

So much more that I wanted to add here because this is a subject to often ignored and been applied with a seriously trimmed (or hacked to shreds) budget. I repeat I am more than happy to continue with this discussion in private.


Jeremy Kirsten

Written by Jeremy Kirsten

A highly experienced, passionate & proactive Procurement & Supply Chain Manager, Project Manager, Consultant and Change Manager - I would be delighted to enter into dialogue with Procurement & Supply professionals on like matter.


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