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"I'm proud to be at DeltaBid."

September 15, 2015 by Hillary Ohlmann

Tulika Dayal

We're turning over this post to Tulika Dayal, head of our Sales team at DeltaBid. She will be sharing her industry insights here on the blog. Take a minute to subscribe if you don't want to miss any of her future updates!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tulika Dayal, and I have been associated with procurement technology for a couple of years. Presently, I am working with a very bright and enthusiastic team at DeltaBid, which is a promising company with the vision of developing an e-procurement solution that embodies the term “easy to use.”

I proudly lend my support to the development team, headed by my colleague and code genie, Rain Öpik. Rain is one of the best user experience architects I have seen in the industry. He has really perfected the concept of decoding user preference and making it come to life in DeltaBid’s strategic sourcing platform. Software should be developed knowing what users want, rather than assuming what they might like. Of course, it really helped that the company was founded by procurement specialists themselves who know what it’s like to manage dozens of suppliers on a daily basis.

I am proud to be at DeltaBid, proud of its reputation for focusing on ease of use. You must be wondering what’s so different about us compared to other procurement IT providers. Well, in this industry, ease of use and enriched user experience attributes are fast getting left behind for more feature-loaded, complex tools with a focus on pretty looks. Style is important but not at cost of self-explanatory software. The idea is to be able to do complex operations without ever looking at the manual. And that’s a must for both buyers and suppliers.

The product fails when it’s confusing to the majority of the people. If users have to memorize the actions or steps of using the tool then the software will eventually be a shelf-ware. No one wants to re-train or go back to the Help menu or contact support when they would rather be focusing on better negotiations.

Instead of going on and on with this, I would rather suggest you go ahead and take 30 seconds to dive into DeltaBid software. If it piques your interest and resonates with what I talked about in the article, then go ahead and contact me.

Hillary Ohlmann

Written by Hillary Ohlmann

Hillary is DeltaBid's resident writer, copy editor, researcher, and all-around procurement enthusiast. She holds a degree in Journalism and Spanish from UW-Madison.


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