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DeltaBid Replaces Outdated Procurement Processes with Standardization and Transparency

October 11, 2013 by Andres Kuuse

Empowering Business
E-procurement solution provides cost-savings and efficient oversight of all RFP's and tenders with the ease of email.

While modern ERP and CRM tools have helped the sales function in companies to gain better oversight and work more efficiently to bring in money, the procurement process has fallen behind.


DeltaBid, an e-procurement solution that’s as easy to use as email, launches its new e-procurement tool to standardize the tender process, cut out paperwork and help companies save thousands of euros/dollars.

“The procurement process is outdated and falls behind the e-world we live in, with many companies still laden with paperwork, bureaucracy, corruption and bribery,” said Erkki Brakmann CEO, DeltaBid. “Paper or email-based procurement processes are inefficient and opaque. DeltaBid aims to change that by replacing the ‘Email and Excel’ procurement method with a standardized, transparent, auditable process which gives easy oversight of all RFP's and tenders.”

“Procurement directly affects a company’s bottom line (profit), while sales affects it indirectly. For example, if a company saves $1 million in procurement, the profit increases the same amount. In sales, with a profit margin of 10 percent, the company has to increase revenue by $10 million to achieve that same profit,” Brakmann explained.

Even though some companies have focused on streamlining the procurement process, they still waste time on non user-friendly e-procurement platforms or solutions that don’t provide the big picture they need to choose the right vendor and save money. Everyone is looking to use online tools which are easy, transparent and save money for the entire procurement ecosystem, including buyers and suppliers. DeltaBid has perfected the e-procurement solution that changes the rules of the game and improves the way tenders are processed, managed and optimized.
With DeltaBid, a company can quickly set up a modern and efficient procurement process without bureaucracy. DeltaBid’s benefits include:

  • Oversight - DeltaBid is a company’s procurement control center. All tender information is in one place, giving an overview of current and past tenders, and easy control over the entire tender process. Tender updates are instantly communicated to suppliers, with insight into which suppliers have read the tender, will or will not participate and have already made a bid. Suppliers’ feedback, questions and bids can be tracked in real-time. Suppliers also receive an overview of the tenders in which they have participated in and bids they have made.
  • Transparency - DeltaBid enforces a simple, streamlined and transparent tender process. The tender process is the same for all tenders and transparent to all suppliers, which increases participation and reduces maverick purchases.
  • Ease of use - DeltaBid is as easy as email but twice as smart. It replaces the entire traditional “Email and Excel” procurement process -- publishing a tender, tracking and communicating with suppliers, evaluating bids and selecting the winners with a single online tool. Repeated tenders can be copied and rerun in a couple of clicks. Users can group suppliers and issue future tenders to that group.
  • Savings - DeltaBid has achieved proven cost and time savings for customers. Current customers have saved 5 percent on buying costs and more than 25 percent on time spent on procurement. DeltaBid's transparent process increases supplier participation, driving down bids. Less time is spent fielding emails and phone calls from suppliers.

“DeltaBid has considerably enhanced the efficiency of our procurement processes on gas line construction and renovation works by making it more transparent and creating bigger competition between suppliers,” said Roman Bogdanovits, CEO, Gaasivõrgud, Estonian Gas distribution network operator. “We saved 300,000 euros last year, which represents five percent of our total investment. We now use DeltaBid to conduct competitive tenders on all work and with the same rules, giving suppliers more trust and transparency.”

"DeltaBid is a key part of our supplier engagement process. We operate as an outsourced supply chain service provider and Deltabid's software has helped us to quickly scale our spend under management and supplier base while delivering compelling results to our clients,” said Arnold Engel, CEO, Vox Supply Chain. “The transparency, uniformity and reliability that Deltabid delivers to our global team of buyers has led to very significant time and efficiency savings in our dynamic environment. We've been so impressed with their product we've become a strategic partner and investor in addition to being satisfied users."

While e-procurement is used in only five to 10 percent of procurement procedures carried out across the EU, the game is changing. The European Commission set out a strategy to make the use of e-procurement mandatory in the EU by mid-2016. By mid-2014, electronic communication will be required for certain phases of the procurement process (electronic notification of tender opportunities and electronic availability of tender documents).

About DeltaBid
DeltaBid, formerly Liitu, is an e-procurement solution that’s as easy to use as email. DeltaBid replaces the inefficient “Email and Excel” procurement methods used today with a standardized, transparent tender process that gives easy oversight of all tenders. DeltaBid’s e-procurement solution helps companies manage tenders in real time and provides instant oversight, control and transparency for both buyers and suppliers in the tender process. Founded in 2012 and based in Estonia, DeltaBid’s clients include Gaasivõrgud, Vox Supply Chain, ABB, Eltel Networks, Tele2, T-Tammer and Danpower. For more information, visit www.deltabid.com and follow DeltaBid on Twitter @DeltaBid.

Andres Kuuse

Written by Andres Kuuse

I am a co-founder and the Customer Support representative at DeltaBid. I’m passionate about creating an easy to use tool that helps procurement and e-sourcing people do their job better. Just as SalesForce revolutionized sales development, we will revolutionize procurement.


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