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Create a Purchase Order Summary for Internal Use or Send POs to Suppliers via DeltaBid

December 10, 2015 by Andres Kuuse

Vector order processing iconPrior to today, you only had one option after concluding an RFP: select a winner and send an award notification message via email.

Now, after the RFP, you can easily compose a PDF purchase order summary containing a breakdown by of the goods or services you plan to buy from one or multiple suppliers.

Once you’ve created the PO summary, you can send it directly to suppliers from within DeltaBid or share the PDF internally.



What can you do with the purchase order feature?

Send a PO directly from DeltaBid to suppliers via email
Once the RFP ends and you need to issue a PO, click “Compose PO,” select the items you’d like to order, and then send it to the chosen suppliers.
The new vendor approval process can be time consuming, depending on your company’s procedures for approving new vendors and entering their information in the ERP. While you’re waiting, you can accelerate the process by sending a PO directly from DeltaBid after awarding the bid. This way you can move forward more quickly, which is especially important for time-sensitve projects.

Easily communicate PO details with internal stakeholders
If you must issue POs with the ERP, then the PO summary generated by DeltaBid can easily be sent to the person in charge of issuing POs.
Since all the necessary PO information is contained in one document, the order can be processed and published much more efficiently.

Host bids as a price list and create multiple POs over an extended period of time
After the RFP ends, the bids received essentially make up a price list for buying goods and services. As long as the agreement is valid, buyers can access the list, select the desired goods or services, and compose a PO. Since DeltaBid automatically stores the bids from all suppliers, it can be used to publish multiple POs for multiple suppliers.
*Tip: Extend the RFP end time, and suppliers can go in and adjust the prices in the list of items, meaning the price list can be kept current throughout the period of the agreement’s validity.

Cherrypick items and convert them to multiple POs
Your RFP should contain a list of items you wish to purchase. Each supplier submits a proposal with bids for each item requested. This feature allows you to select items from multiple suppliers. You can pick the “cherries” and automatically create a PO for each supplier with minimal effort.


How can I access this feature?

Currently, the ability to convert RFPs to a PO summary is not available to all users by default. However, we will happily activate it for individual accounts at the user’s request. If you’d like to activate the PO feature, please send an activation request to andres@deltabid.com.


How to compose a purchase order on DeltaBid:

1) Select “Create purchase order” while in the “Compare bids” view

Once the RFP ends, open the “Compare bids“ view. Next to the “Export to Excel“ button there is a new button: “Create purchase order.“
Create Purchase Order on DeltaBid

2) Choose the items you plan to buy

After clicking on “Create purchase order,“ a checkbox will appear in front of each quoted item. Select the items you plan to buy by ticking the boxes.
Select items you plan to buy
*Tip: You can select all of the items from a single supplier or choose some items from one supplier and some from another, depending on your selection criteria.

Click on the “Next” button in the top right corner after you’ve made your selection.

3) Compose a PO summary

If you take a look at the previous image, you can see we selected three suppliers. Therefore, the system will automatically generate three different purchase orders.

Now you have to select whether or not you want the order to be sent directly to suppliers. If this summary is intended for internal use only, then remove the tick in the “Send order to email” box.
You can see a preview of your PO by clicking on the “Preview” button located next to each supplier’s name.
Fill in PO details

PO in pdf

4) View the PO summary you’ve created

After clicking submit, you are now able to access a PDF of each individual purchase order summary. All PO summaries can be found under the “Purchase Order” tab linked to the corresponding RFP. Storing all related documents in one central location makes it easier to find them during an audit or to reference when checking order completion.
POs located on DeltaBid

5) Compose multiple POs over an extended period of time

After the RFP has ended and the proposals have been submitted, then this list of bids can essentially be considered a price list. For example, if the RFP has established a framework agreement and orders will be placed throughout the agreement timeframe rather than just once, then this price list can be used to compose new POs whenever the need arises.
All you need to do is go to “Compare bids“ and then “Compose a purchase order.“ Selects the items you need and then create a new purchase order. This means the price list does not have to be managed in a separate Excel file. Now it’s easy to compose POs whenever you need them using DeltaBid.


We hope you find this functionality is useful, and we welcome any feedback you might have. If you still have questions or wish to activate this feature, please do not hesitate to contact me at andres@deltabid.com.

Andres Kuuse

Written by Andres Kuuse

I am a co-founder and the Customer Support representative at DeltaBid. I’m passionate about creating an easy to use tool that helps procurement and e-sourcing people do their job better. Just as SalesForce revolutionized sales development, we will revolutionize procurement.


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