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3 Common Ways How Procurement Organisations Fail

February 03, 2015 by Jeremy Kirsten

Does Procurement and Supply fail to deliver? Yes of course it does.
The very essence of procurement is keeping the processes improving which in other words means overcoming the failings as fast as possible.

Read the following 3 articles written by Jeremy Kirsten MCIPS and avoid these failings in your procurement.


Failings due Procurement Department Being Hamstrung on its Ability to Add Value
Does Procurement and Supply fail to deliver? Yes of course it does. Does it happen more often than we think? Read more

6 Reasons Why Procurement Fails in Many Organisations

There are reasons as to why the Procurement message may not have delivered or has not achieved results; Procurement and Supply professionals are motivated and driven and are committed to doing things better in business. Read more

How the “Bad times” Can Lead Procurement to Fail (Example on oil prices)

One other matter that I suggest contributes to Procurement failing; it is my observation and I am unable to point to any study in this regard – that when times are good, then there is a chance for complacency. Read more 


Jeremy Kirsten

Written by Jeremy Kirsten

A highly experienced, passionate & proactive Procurement & Supply Chain Manager, Project Manager, Consultant and Change Manager - I would be delighted to enter into dialogue with Procurement & Supply professionals on like matter.


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